Eastern Exploration

I always thought that I had a thorough beauty regime, and then I went on holiday to China. Throughout the trip I met many women with clear, enviable complexions. Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and I started to question their beauty secrets.

Three of the women informed me that the typical skin routines in China involve using six cleansing products before applying primer, concealer and foundation. The deep cleansing that they carry out on a daily basis prevents impurities from getting under the skin’s surface, which is a great way to reduce blemishes. This is a practice that I am keen to get into my morning regime.

Many in the East get beauty inspiration from the elements. Whether using various tones of blue to symbolise water or eye-popping pink and deep red lipsticks to represent fire, the relationship to nature carries deep meaning and creates striking looks.

Oriental floral prints and silky shapes will be everywhere this autumn, so now is the perfect time to put these beauty secrets to the test and keep ahead of the trend.


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