Vanners Mill

Yesterday I spent the day at Vanners Mill, Sudbury. It was a great day and brilliant to see a real mill in action, with all the looms going crazy.

I never realised that there were so many intricacies that went into making a tie, for instance the patterns on a tie always match on a diagonal across the fabric. And if you buy a real silk at least 15 silk worms will be used to make it.



Old times…

The mill had a whole room full of old fabric archives, some of which date back to 1903. The old fabric designs are still used today as design houses including: Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Hackett, will ask the mill to replicate vintage designs for modern tie collections.



The most interesting fact that I learnt yesterday:

Vanners Mill contributed to the establishment of Ralph Lauren. According to the Vanners art director, in the 1960’s Ralph Lauren quit his job at Brooks Brothers in America and headed to the UK, with the aim of creating wider ties for American customers. He arrived at Vanners Mill where the staff there helped him produce a range of new ties. Lauren then went back to the states where he established Polo in 1967, and the as they say is history….


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