Makeup Bag Secrets

Makeup bags help us to keep things in order so we don’t have to spend time looking for that pesky blusher brush every morning, and we all know how annoying it is when you can’t find the eye shadow that you really want. Whether you wear a little or a lot, a good makeup bag lives by the following rules:

An artist would not paint without brushes, so why should you?

Makeup is easier to apply if you use the right brushes and it is often more hygienic than using your fingertips. Trust us, a precision concealer brush will provide you with even coverage and a smooth application. Marry this with a foundation brush for a happy-ever-after skin tone. And one last tip: small brushes are the way forward when it comes to contouring and blending creases.

If you get the foundations correct the rest will fall into place.

Add a primer to your cosmetics collection. It will help to minimise pores and create a smooth base perfect for your foundation to sit on.

Include a bronzer or blusher to refresh your face.

If you like to keep your look natural opt for a peachy blusher and gently dust it over the apples of your cheeks. Bold beauties can mix it up with an even sweep of bronzer and a rose blusher.

Mascara can be eye-opening.

Black will work for most people and is quickly revamped for the evening with heavier eyeliner (flick it out at the end for high glamour). If you’re a pencil eyeliner lady, then don’t forget your sharpener!

A palette is always best.

When it comes to eye shadow there is a spectrum of colours available. A colour palette will give you the opportunity to create several different eye effects. Pale nudes and whites are also a clear winner when you need to keep it subtle. Most women have mountains of eye shadow in multiple colours, but cherry pick your favourite hues for your makeup bag and keep the others safe for special occasions.

Don’t exclude your lip colour.

Lipstick, gloss or balm: all three are great in their own special way but choose to suit your style. Be greedy if you want – it’s your makeup bag after all – and have all three available so you can transform your look on your way from the office to the bar. Whatever your lip style – a splash of red, a drop of pink or a dab of nude – these are all makeup bag essentials as reapplication is key to maintaining the perfect pout.

Now you know all of my secrets 🙂


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