The Face Of Autumn-Winter

Last night marked the autumn equinox, so it’s official the summer is over (not that it started) and winter is on its way. This can only mean one thing – it is time to start planning your beauty essentials for the new season. Here is my lowdown on how to prep your skin for a frosty British winter.


A good skincare regime can boost your make-up routine. Start with two face washes: one for twice weekly exfoliating and one that you can use on a daily basis. I swear by Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Mask, as a daily face wash – I used to suffer from bad skin but this face wash has reduced bad acne breakouts. When it comes to exfoliating washes it is good to shop around, if you have sensitive skin you will need to take this into consideration. Both Clarins and Olay offer a vast range of effective exfoliating creams that will leave your skin looking fresh and revitalised.

The three-step rule (cleanse, tone and moisturise) is VITAL in the winter months. It only adds an extra 30 seconds to your beauty routine, and it will help to protect your skin from the harsh elements outside. Do you know if your skin is normal, combination, oily or dry? This will have an impact on the cleansing, toning and moisturising products that you should use. You can check this out at any makeup counter so you get the most appropriate skincare for you.

Primers a beauty secret: they sit underneath your foundation and act as a barrier so your foundation stays in place for longer. They’ll even out skin tone and absorb oil for a matte finish. But they can be replaced by an extra dab of moisturizer, if you don’t like the idea of adding another layer to your beauty regime.


Eye creams should be seen as a preventative way to stop wrinkles, and not something that you can ignore until you get older. (Rant over.) Dermalogica Total Eye Care is a great option, it is lightweight and targets dark circles to reduce bags. Alternatively try Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash, it is created with refreshing rose petals, lily and white tea extracts which helps this eye balm releases toxins to reduce dark circles, tighten eye contours and fight off the appearance of fine lines.


Ok, so there isn’t a definitive list for make-up must-haves. But dark dramatic looks are on trend this season – it’s all about gothic romance. Be experimental with smoky eyes and blood red lips. Add deep purples and mystic blues for an injection of colour. These shades will complement the soft leather looks that are fashionable this autumn-winter.


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