Nailing It

If you continue to read my blog you’ll notice that I have a little bit of an obsession with my nails. It’s because my nails have always been naturally awful. It’s true. I honestly cannot grow my nails long, something goes wrong and they start to split. I have started to moisturise them on a regular basis with Olive Oil, as I discussed recently, and this really works. Over the last two weeks my nails have grown longer and, more important, they are not splitting!

In the excitement of having long nails I decide to and get them embalmed (as known as Shellac). It’s a chip free, extended wear nail varnish that lasts up to three weeks.  It accentuates your real nails, unlike acrylics and gels that also require heavy nail filing (often with a machine) which can lead to long term nail damage.

The Shellac process only takes 30 minutes (so you can fit it in during your lunch hour). A nail technician will simply shape your nails and then apply a base, colour and top coat. Most salons will offer a range of shades so you can opt for what suits you best. I was feeling bright red today.

I know what you’re thinking – base, colour, top coat: how does it differ from regular nail varnish? Each layer is dried under a UV light and the nail varnish is a thicker formula that makes it chip and scratch resistant.

Have you tried Shellac? Do let me know if you’ve heard any horror stories about it that you think I should be aware of.


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