Hair Jewels

The festive season is on its way and this year my hair is long enough to style high! My hair is now the longest that it has ever been (I’m trying really hard not to cut it, as I always do) so I’m always looking for hairstyle inspirations. Long, straight hair can get boring especially in the winter months when it’s more difficult to keep it in shape due to the damp weather.  So, I’m going to make a really effort to experience with my locks because they’re worth it*.

Hair jewels are a big trend this autumn so it’s important to know what is best suited to your hair. I have very dark hair so I like to mix up jewels and pearls to create an eclectic look that really stands out against my brown base.

Stars are another big trend and one that has been carried through from the summer. It’s best to cluster lots of star clips in one section of your hair for an interesting look that shines. You can also tie a velvet head band around your hair and pin it in place with star clips, for a glam up-do.

How are you going to wear your hair this autumn?

*Sorry, I couldn’t resist!


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