Evening Wear Eyes

I know we’re not saying the C-word yet, but it is just around the corner and it always brings evening events with it. It’s important to be prepared for any festive occasion this season and having the appropriate makeup is an essential part of that preparation.

In my mind, eye colours and sparkles are a must at this time of year. Gold is an obvious but winning option. Try a gold shimmer and smudge it with grey at the outer corners of your eye. If you can find a grey (or black) that has golden glitter in it your eyes will look even better.

Black lace, lacquered leggings and wild romantic look are a huge fashion trend for AW12. Make-up artists have followed suit with muted metallic for the eyes and rich berry tones for the lips. To ensure your look is more glamorous than gothic, use a loose metallic powder in seasonal must-have- colours: burgundy, sage green and muted gold and silver. The iridescent glitter reflects light, and makes even the richest shades wearable.

If you’re rushing from the boardroom to the bar for an event smokey eyes are the quickest way to change your look. To create this look, apply a dark charcoal grey to your eyelid.  Then, blend it in with a lighter shade of cream and add this under the lower lashes.  Complete the look with black kohl along your lash line. You can add a dash of glitter at the corners if you’re head to the office Christmas party (I said it!).


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