And Blot

Lipstick. I wear it regularly, particularly for evenings out as it provides a change to my usual work make up. I used to worry that it was too much for my face but now I think I’ve found a few great shades that really suit me. My skin is naturally tanned, so dark cranberry and cherry red shades work well. My particular favourite is Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick, in Rich Currant.

As much as I love wearing lipstick, I hate the idea of it bleeding. Even worse, imagine if you don’t notice that’s it has smeared across your face or teeth! (Okay, I know there are more important things to consider in life, but you have to agree it’s embarrassing, right?)

Fortunately, I have a secret remedy to this problem and, of course, I’ll share it with you. Add a dash of foundation to your lips to fill in any cracks. This will prevent the colour from bleeding and create a vibrant lip colour. Most people will suggest using a lip liner to form a border around your lips. I’m not keen on lip liner, so I apply my lipstick a lip brush. It makes all the difference as it means that you can get it into the crack and make it look neater too. To seal in this look, lightly apply powder over your lipstick (after it has dried), and blot.

Now you’re kissable.


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