Easy Hairstyles: The Bun

I’ve been desperately trying to master the art of up-dos and I think I’m finally making progress. I think!

My hair is now long enough to create a sleek bun. It creates a glamorous finish and it’s so easy to do (but you must have mid-length hair to achieve this hairstyle).

Here’s my first mini hair tutorial…

Lightly back comb the top of your hair so it has more body when you put it up. Then comb it back into a ponytail and add hair-slides to ensure that your hair maintains its body without it looking messy. Make this style more glamorous by placing your ponytail high on top of your head, or for a more sophisticated hairstyle start your pony on the nape of your neck.

Right, now for my bun trick – get an old long sleeved top, ideally one that you don’t wear anymore, and cut off the forearm section of this garment. Then roll the sleeve so it forms a doughnut shape with a hole in the middle. Simple.

Feed your ponytail through the doughnut and then spread the rest of your hair over the material so it covers every inch of it. To maintain this style all day add extra hair-slides and lots of spray to keep it in place. Now work it with your favourite faux fur coat!


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