Festival season is well and truly over but wellie wearing lives on. Wellies were made for winter; for running through the snow and splashing in puddles.

Frankly, my pair could do with a clean, but they’re meant to have a just walked the dog look, aren’t they?

Wellie boots have been around since the 19th Century when the Duke of Wellington instructed his shoemaker to craft a shoe that was suitable for battle and comfortable for the evening. Like any good inventor Duke Wellington continued to perfect his boots until he came up with a pair that was high enough to protect his legs during a battle.

Wellington’s boot soon took off and became a fashion statement amongst the British gentry. And, the rest is history… They have obviously been modified over the centuries and are now typically made from plastic.

I love wearing my wellie boots, so thank you Duke Wellington. They are comfortable and stylish, when paired with thick leg warmers – a must if your legs are slightly too skinny for the boots. There is definitely a time and place for wellies (the office isn’t one of them), namely somewhere outdoors.  It’s time to make the most of them this winter by taking long walks and enjoying the snow when it arrives.

Do you own a pair of wellies?


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