Makeup Brushes

I’m on the lookout for new makeup brushes. I’m not an impulse buyer so I’ve carried out a lot of research into what I should look for in a good brush.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

The brush requirements for your face really depend on the amount of makeup you wear and the occasion.

To apply your foundation to your skin you’ll require a stippling brush – it’ll give you an airbrushed finish. Make sure that the bristles are stiff in order to hold up to the foundation and not streak. I know what you’re thinking – why can’t I use my fingers? The finish isn’t as good as and your fingers can’t get into the creases of your face as well and it’s cleaner to use a brush (that you wash regularly).

For cheek definition (an important one on my list) use a contouring brush.  This is used for applying darker powder under the cheekbones to create prominent cheekbones – it makes your face look slimmer. Granted, it’s not necessary for everyone but it’s worth a try, especially for a night out.

Most girls wear blush and there is NO WAY you can apply blusher without a brush. It needs to be an angled brush so the blush is easier to blend and it should always be soft so the blusher colours your cheeks and not the harshness of the brush.

And, my little secret, a highlighter brush. It can be used for everything (it’s like a magical wand). You can use it to apply foundation, add blusher to your cheeks, or for highlighting the top of the cheekbones.  And, for nights out you can add shimmer to your face without covering your whole face.

There are three key brushes when it comes to eye makeup: a stiff flat brush for adding colour to your lids, a hard dome brush for blending your shadow and a pencil brush for smudging your eyeshadow under the lower lash-line.

The stiff flat brush helps you load colour onto your eyelids so it sits perfectly over your primer.  It has to be flat and stiff so the colour stays in place and is applied evenly. A larger thicker version of this brush will work well for those who want an even sweep of colour over the eyelid.

Smokey eyes look great, but this effect can only be created with a hard dome shaped brush. This brush will blend your eyeshadow and allow you to apply more depth to the crease of your eye. You can also use it to create a light shadow under your brow and for an extra layer of powder under the eyes to prevent that creasing throughout the day.

Your pencil brush is for definition. It’ll help you to smudge the eyeshadow close to your lash line – you can’t achieve this with your fingers. It is also a useful tool for blending your eyeliner to make it softer around your eye.

I do cheat when it comes to lips. A flat lip brush will work well but personally I prefer to apply it straight from the stick!

What are your makeup brush must-haves?


2 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes

  1. rosiedix

    Great advice! I have a bronzer, powder and a stiff flat brush for my eyelids but I’ve been trying to find more brushes for ages, however I have never known what each individual one’s called, causing much confusion when I go to my local boots/super drug! Thank you, you’ve been a massive help x

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