Okay, I know I did a 10k last weekend but I do find exercising in winter months difficult. When I get home at 7.30 in the pitch black the last thing I want to do is go for a run or worse hit the gym. But I know how important it is to exercise at this time of year.  For a start winter workouts can lessen your chances of suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as it releases essential endorphins to keep the blues at a minimum, and doing this outdoor exercise will help top up your vitamin D levels.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise outside but it is great for burning additional calories, as you have to move more to stay warm. If you can you should treat winter as a long training season. It can be a good idea to try different forms of exercise – perhaps ones that don’t feel like hard work – then revert to your regular routine in the nicer weather. Have you ever tried ice skating, walking in the woods or skiing? This could be your chance to learn a new skill.

In my opinion the best way to stay motivated is to rope in a friend. You can keep each other exercising during this period – trust me, a 20 minute run with a friend feels like it’s over in minutes. And, it’s a good way to catch-up during a busy week too.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise in the winter?


One thought on “I WORKOUT…

  1. Sarah C

    Knowing that it will lift my spirits in the ugly winter months (and it helps to know you’ll be ready come bikini season)! And it’s just a regular part of my day 🙂

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