Red Lips

The festive period is upon (or it will be in a few days) so it’s time to get the red lipstick out. It always puts me in a merry mood and this Christmas it feels even more crucial as it’s on trend!

It’s an iconic and classic shade. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were the pioneers of powerful red lips, and today Blake Lively and Penelope Cruz have made this shade popular once again. Red lipstick is a powerful hue with a sexy edge. Regardless of who you are, with a swipe of red on your lips, you’re ready to go anywhere.

There are rules of course when it comes to wearing red lipstick: choose the perfect shade for your skin tone and prep your lips for perfection. Make sure you buff you lips and moisturise them before applying any colour, and to make your red lips really stand out add liner. Make sure that you re-apply regularly if you wear red when eating out. To touch up your lipstick blot your whole lip with blotting powder, then re-apply the color and liner.

What’s your shade of red?


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