Christmas Mince Pies

tumblr_lwhh8nEB3K1r61f6eo1_500_largeI’m a Christmas freak. I LOVE IT. In my opinion it’s never too early to start thinking about the festive period. To get the ball rolling I thought I’d share a yummy mince pies recipe, as I’ll be making a few batches this weekend.

It’s so simple and all you’ll need is a jar of mincemeat, 350g of ready-made pre-rolled puff pastry and a small tart case that you can place in the oven to preheat before you begin.

For the minces pies, roll out the puff pastry (you can add icing sugar to your rolling pin to prevent it from sticking).  Once it’s thin enough cut out the pastry with a knife to fit in the tart tin and carefully line the preheated tin with the pastry. Then fill the pastry case with mincemeat and place in the oven for ten minutes. Remove from the oven when the pastry is cooked and golden, and enjoy…


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