Whittlebury Hall

hjI had a cheeky Monday off work (as holiday of course) and booked into Whittlebury Hall Day Spa. Bliss!

Earlier this year the Northamptonshire based Hotel won the Good Spa Awards 2012 for the best day spa. It’s a four-star hotel set in the heart of rural Northampton; the grounds are full of sheep and horses making it a beautiful escape from busy London.

Organised relaxation has to be the best thing ever. We arrived at Whittlebury Hall in the morning and were able to unwind with a cup of vanilla and ginseng tea (which tastes delicious by the way!). I may have mentioned it before but I am a little bit of a fitness freak so I after my tea I headed to the hotel’s gym. It was nice to start with a bit of a workout as the gym there isn’t too busy and each machine has its own TV screen attached so you can get your morning TV fixed in too.

After pumping iron it was time to chill in a fluffy white robe. There were several steam rooms to enjoy: a Salt Steam Room, Crystal Steam Room and Saunarium. Whittlebury Hall also features a large Jacuzzi that has several water jets each pumping out different water pressures. This can be really good if you’ve got a lot of tension in your back as the pressure helps to work out the knots.

If you’re brave there is also an Ice Cave that can help you to cool down. I’m too much of a wimp for the ice cave, it’s freezing in there. The treatments are more appealing to me, so I enjoyed a much-needed back massage. Treatments at Whittlebury Hall start from £45 and it is worth investing in one; after your treatment you’ll also receive a personalised guide on the products that will benefit your skin.

I’m already planning my next trip to Whittlebury.


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