Easy Hairstyles: Curling with straighteners

Christmas is on its way and curling your hair with straighteners is a really easy technique that can help you change your look in minutes. Everyone has a pair of straighteners nowadays so learning how to curl with them makes perfect sense. It’s all in the twist…

All you need to achieve this style is a pair of straighteners, heat-protection spray and hairspray.  It’s a great Picture1one if you have to get ready for the office Christmas party in the toilets.

Simply make sure that your hair is clean and dry, if you’ve just washed it. Then brush your hair thoroughly and apply a heat-protectant spray – this helps to reduce the damaged caused by straighteners.  Separate and tie your hair into five sections. Divide your hair into two equal sections for the back of your head, another two equal sections for the top of your head and finally a section for the crown. By dividing your hair it is easy to ensure that you curl it all over – there is nothing worse than having a few straight strands at the back.

Ready? Now hold your straighteners vertically and take hair an inch in width, from the back of your head, close to the nape of your neck. Clamp your straightener shut while making sure that you hold the ends of the section with your free hand. Rotate your straightener 180 degrees and move it down slowly through the length of hair. When you reach the end, release the curl. Continue the process until you have completed all five sections of hair, finishing with the crown.  To hold this in place spray all over with hairspray and shake your head a bit to loosen the curls – perfect!


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