Spotlight On Christian Dior

I’ve always admired the work of Christian Dior for the way that he changed the face of fashion in the 40’s with his New Look.

It is remarkable to think that this fashion house was able to succeed so greatly in Paris in the aftermath of World War Two and this just goes to show how wonderful Dior was at dressmaking.

Who was Christian Dior? Dior was born in 1905 and started his fashion career in the 1920’s when he started selling his fashion sketches. He then went into the world of Haute Couture as a designer for Lelong.

In December 1946 Dior took a risk and left Lelong to start his own fashion house. It was the war that inspired Dior to set up his own house, and according to his biography he felt that ‘as a result of the war and uniforms, women still looked and dressed like Amazons’ – I love the idea that bad dress sense in Paris could lead to a fashion revolution.

Here are my favourite Dior images…



Fashion has its own moral code however frivolous: when someone objects to the fact that certain of my toilettes are ill-suited to the serious time in which we live, I reply that a period of happiness is no doubt on the way, when these frivolous fashions will come into their own. The great adventure which constitutes Parisian couture is not merely a Temple of Vanities: it is a charming outward manifestation of an ancient civilisation, which intends to survive.  – Christian Dior


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