Bare Beauty


It’s time to start thinking about the year ahead, in beauty terms that is…

Bare faces appear to be a big trend for next season, but I don’t think anyone wants to leave the house without any makeup on at all (unless you’re a guy).

Less is more for when it comes to perfecting this look: eat well, sleep well and get regular facials. And, if you don’t have time for a weekly facial then stick to creamy nude hues and add subtle sculpting to cheek-bones for a flawless all over complexion.

The top tips for this trend:

  1. Buy a loose powder to finish for a smooth, matte finish – and apply throughout the day.
  2. Don’t forget your lips – invest in a moisturising lip gloss or lip balm to give lips a subtle shine.
  3. Well-groomed brows are essential for pulling off a minimal make-up look. Keep yours in check with regular plucking but leave the shape as bold and natural-looking as possible. I tend to go to a beautician to get mine done at least once every three months. It’s a good way to maintain your perfect shape.
  4. For your eyelids use a subtle golden-nude shadow this will make your face look finished
  5. Make sure you have the essentials: a good cleanser will look after your skin; and Vaseline will help you to add a subtle sheen to your cheekbones.

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