The London Marathon

IMG_0951_largeLast Friday I found out that I have secured a place in THE LONDON MARATHON!!

It sounds crazy but I’m really looking forward to the challenge of completing a full marathon. My half marathon earlier this year spurred me on for the real thing, but now I have to start training for it. 26 MILES – the idea of it does terrify me slightly, but it’ll be hugely rewarding.

I will be running the marathon on behalf of The British Heart Foundation – a charity that aims to prevent people dying from heart disease (Don’t worry my donation begging will come soon). I am a big supporter of what the BHF do: I think it’s important to raise awareness for healthy living and taking care of your heart, it is the most important organ in your body after all.

So, the training begins… well, it started this weekend with two 10K runs, but I need to keep the momentum going. If you have any hints and tips for training then please do let me know. For the next two weeks I plan to do two fifteen minute runs in the week and push myself with 10K runs on Saturdays and Sundays. I will need to take this to the next level in the New Year though and stick to a strict training plan. I am not sure how to achieve this as yet (considering my commute) but as soon as I work it out I will share this with you.

Any advice that you may have will be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!


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