Step Up


My London Marathon training is now well under way. I’ve been for a run every day over the last week doing at least five miles each day  – I know I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m getting there.

I am currently running for a solid hour without stopping and aiming to increase this every week by 15 minutes. By the end of January I want to be able to run for two hours without stopping, or dying. I hope that in these two hours I’ll be able to run a half-marathon, which in my mind means that I’m half-way there. Am I right?

According to the Virgin London Marathon guide I should be running for six hours a week minimum which is fine while Christmas is in full swing but how on earth do people achieve this while working a full time job? Am I lazy in the week or are people going for runs at crazy hours just to fit it all in?

Ah, I’ve got 3 months and 21 days I’ll work it out…

It’s all about mind over matter anyway…

Isn’t it?


One thought on “Step Up

  1. carleyobrien

    I was wondering the same thing about how to go about fitting in 6 hours around full time work, without giving up sleep I’m not sure how to do it but we will get there…or so they tell me!

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