The Right Running Jacket

The forecast for January looks bleak which isn’t great when you’re training for a marathon. Hoodies are far too sweaty so the only option is a good running jacket (one that shields you from the wind and also saves you in the rain).

For years now I’ve been wearing an old university hoodie for my runs, but that was when I could afford to miss a session if it was raining. Not anymore. I now need something more, something that will not allow me to make any excuses when it comes to going for a run.

So I’ve spent a bit of time of the last few days researching running jackets, ahead of my new purchase. I want a jacket that is functional but also one that I’m happy to wear. I don’t wish to sound cheesy but I believe that if I feel good wearing it I’ll be able to run without any issues, it’s true. And it’s not going to be dark in the evenings forever so I can’t have a jacket that I am embarrassed to be seen in!

Here are few of the styles that have made my shortlist:


Sweaty Betty  Protector Run Jacket £65.00

Picture3 Nike Vapour Women’s Running Jacket £65

Picture1Sweaty Betty Velocity Run Jacket £99.00

Picture5Nike Lady Windfly Running Jacket £29.99

Picture4Nike Lady Storm Fly Running Jacket £39.99

I still don’t know which one to select! Which would you go for?


2 thoughts on “The Right Running Jacket

  1. Mary

    Without knowing much about each, I like the look of the Sweaty Betty Velocity Run Jacket one the best! Let us know which one you select!

    I just got a new running jacket with my race kit on a New Year’s Eve run and I love it!

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