SS13 iPad Case

Picture1I recently treated myself to a new iPad Mini – I’m a commuter so I need it to make my train journeys more bearable. Obviously, as with most Apple products, I would need to buy a stylish case to protect my new toy.

Annoyingly I found it really difficult to find a good iPad Mini case. There seems to be a whole host of iPad cases on the market but very few retailers have introduced the mini versions. There were literary covers, like this Pride and Prejudice case available on, which I would have loved had it of been available in the right size. And a beautiful vintage brown case on eBay that would have been ideal, but again it was for the iPad not the Mini! I thought that this might be a sign that it was time to invest in Mulberry, but they still don’t have Mini cases in their collection.

I was beginning to think that I couldn’t win on this one, and that I was going to end up with a rather boring Apple Picture2case (which is perfectly fine, just not what I was looking for). Fortunately, after a bit of hunting, I was able to find a small collection of mini cases on Amazon by Tuff-Luv. I now own a beautiful white leather case with a tan brogue finish. It’s an ideal case as it features two stands so you can stand your iPad up to watch films in landscape or portrait, and there is also a hand-sleeve so you can comfortably hold the mini up while reading too. It’ll suit me perfectly for SS13 and hopefully there will be more cases available this autumn!

This was a bit of a random post but I just thought I’d share my frustrations over finding iPad Mini cases to see if you’ve had similar difficulties too?!


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