sdfghThis week I decided to highlight the downside of running, as there are obvious ups and downs to everything that we do. Yesterday I wanted to focus on exhaustion as this is something that really gets me after a long run, but today I realised that this is all caused by overtraining and not balancing your training schedule properly so you refuel your body after a tough session.

The signs of overtraining are clear: going to bed and not being able to sleep, loss of appetite, and permanently buzzing! Of course, ulcers, dry skin, colds or viral infections, permanent fatigue and a high heart rate are the other signs. Injuries and niggles are also a suggestion that you’re overtraining. Pushing to run to hard, attempting too many challenges in one week, chasing miles rather than quality runs and not taking enough rest days throughout the week are all obvious ways of overtraining.

So, take a step back. Training is simple – think of it as an equilateral triangle. The three sides – training, nutrition and rest! You need all three in equal measures. If your training increases so too should your rest and nutrition. You may not be overtraining in the traditional sense of too many hard sessions or too many miles, it may just be that the amount of sleep you are getting or the amount of food you are eating is not supporting your mileage and is out of balance – so start eating and resting!!!!


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