Mental Exhaustion

hnjmIt’s not always a lack of food or sleep that causes fatigue. Taking a break for a week can give you a renewed sense of enthusiasm to get out and run. There’s nothing worse than feeling that you HAVE to run! It can become a chore, and if this is the case then take a short break or vary your training sessions and you may find that you’ll return to your training sessions with new energy. If you decide to take a running break for a few weeks you can keep your fitness up by doing other forms of CV training – using a cross trainer or rowing machine.

If you’re still losing interest then try swapping your long runs for short fast runs. Have you ever thought about a trail run? You could try a night time run for a charity or a triathlon for variety. Alternatively, see if you can convince a friend to start running with you this could be all the motivation that you need. Or if you really need the support join a running club, this way you’ll meet new friends too!

If none of the above works and you still feel mentally exhausted consider your running goals and whether you’re too ambitious based on your current lifestyle. Are you trying to cram too many goals into your busy lifestyle? Is your running goal too much for you? If your life is too hectic pick a less demanding running goal that will allow you to enjoy running without fretting over it!


4 thoughts on “Mental Exhaustion

  1. steveygaddis

    I’ve always tried every 8 weeks take a break. Foe example, if you are a runner…that 8th week don’t run. take a few days off. do other things. swim,tennis, walk, anything that’s fun and relaxing. Taking breaks are important. Let those running muscle rest.

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