Marathon Timetable

fvghjkGo on sign up to a marathon – I dare you!

I’ve been thinking about which marathon I’d like to sign up for next, after my London marathon in April. I know this is crazy forward thinking but it’s important to keep thinking about my next run so I always have a spring in my step.

So, here it is my list of runs that I’d like to do in future, given the opportunity. I thought I’d add the dates just in case I can inspire you to sign up!!

Maritzburg Marathon
24 Feb 2013

Jerusalem 10k
1 March 2013

Kilimanjaro Marathon
3 March 2013

Sihanoukville Half Marathon
10 March 2013

Lisbon Half Marathon
24 March 2013

Milano Marathon
7 April 2013

The Vancouver Sun Run
21 April 2013

Madrid Marathon
28 April 2013

Krakow Marathon
28 April 2013

Ottawa Marathon
26 May 2013

Which one do you fancy?


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