Weight Training – A Beginners Note…

Picture1Trust me; I hate the idea of pumping iron in the gym. But I do understand the importance of muscle toning especially when you’re involved in an intense cardio program. That’s why I know that I need to add weight training into my fitness plan. Nothing too drastic, I’m not trying to turn into a gladiator!

When it comes to a weight session it often has more benefit to the body if you work out before a running session. It gives your muscles more energy and helps you to tone as well.

It is still really important to warm up for at least five minutes before starting a weight session. After all you are preparing your body to be stronger and endure more training in future.

Here’s the mini weights plan that my local gym instructor recommended for me. It might work for you too!

– Two sets of jumping jacks x 10
– Arm circles – this is very simple you just have to circle your arm behind you in a full swing, five per arm
– Arm curls with light weights (around 1.0kg); again, very easy you just have to hold your upper body and pull your forearm to your shoulder
– Swats – Grab your weights, stand up and hold them out at your sides at arm’s length. Squat down as far as flexibility allows and as you descend bring your arms in front of your body, still stretched out

I’m not a pro at strength training so if you have any hints and tips please do share them with me.


2 thoughts on “Weight Training – A Beginners Note…

  1. wandering jouster

    your article came just right on time! i am contemplating on achieving atoned muscles via the newly opened gym near our place! as a start, i will do what your instructor told you. thanks a lot! good luck to the both of us. hmmm…will we achieve the madonna-like or the jlo-like muscles? hehehehehe…wishing. 😉

  2. We Are 2Fit2 Quit

    Ending with cardio after weight training is a nice way 2do it. I like to do some HIIT after. Sometimes, I take my protein shake wait about 10 mins or so and then hit the cardio. That way I am not overtaxing the muscles I just killed. You should look at circuit training. It really helps out my clients that are running lovers 🙂

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