Running Time

ghjkMy training schedule means that it is really difficult to fit everything into my busy lifestyle. I could do with Bernard’s watch so I can juggle running, working and actually being able to see friends and family. My weekends have become a balancing act of long runs and quick showers before running out of the door again to see all the people that I’ve neglected during the week.

This CRAZY schedule has forced me to consider where I can fit in a short run in the week. Today was my light-bulb moment; I currently walk to the train station everyday after work (a 30 min walk!) so I have time to fit in a three mile run in this time slot and all I have to do is find a slightly longer route. Easy! I am now wondering how I didn’t think of this before…

I purchased a lovely rucksack this afternoon so I can throw all of my work clothes into it at the end of the day and run out of the door. The idea of running straight after work does make me slightly self-conscious that all of my colleagues will see me in my running gear, but I’ll get over this if it gives me a few extra minute here and there!

How do you fit your training plan into your life? Does it ever force you to sacrifice doing other things with your time?


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