And so to bed…

tumblr_mhyzvuQ6AN1qhnkrio1_400_largeMy marathon training is really started to take its toll on my body. On the plus side I am now in better shape than I have ever been but at the same time I am finding it hard to sleep and therefore I am tired all the time.

I’ve started to live by a few new rules: I stick to a sleep routine; I avoid caffeine; I try not to eat sugary sweets after 2pm; and I leave my laptop in my living room. (I also avoid watching Dexter after 7pm as it leaves me thinking: Why didn’t he… when I am trying to sleep!)

And then I found out that all of my above rules are popular myths. So…

It’s ok to sleep in at the weekends. If I can still fit my training into the day it’s better for me to enjoy a few extra hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It is recovery time after all. Research suggests that it is best to only snooze for an extra hour or two come Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise it is difficult to get to sleep in the evening but that extra hour really can help when it comes to recovering from a busy week.

I work until 7pm most evenings so I was concerned that exercising late in the evenings was preventing me from switching off come 10pm. But according to my local fitness trainer this can actually help me fall asleep. If I can do 35 mins of training and finish two hours before bedtime I’ll be out for count in no time. This is great news considering that I am now running back from work.

And if all of the above doesn’t work I may have to book a holiday so I can properly get into relaxation mode, although I will have to wait until after the marathon for this!


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