Running Essentials

photoThe London Marathon is only 8 weeks away. 8 weeks!! My training has been tough and running through the winter has been a real challenge of endurance, but it looks like the worst of the bad weather is over and spring is finally on its way…Before I started training I invested in a few key pieces of sportswear that have been essential to my progression. In my opinion good kit can really make the difference between running and crawling over the finishing line.

The most important item for any female runner is a decent sports bra. You can’t run without one! Wearing a sports bra can prevent irreversible damage to your breasts and it can also make your body more efficiently when you’re running, as you don’t have to worry about the weight of your bust.

Balance Tights, they may not seem like a “must-have” but they have helped me immensely with my training.  On long distance runs I become lazy and struggle to pick my feet up, which begins to shorten my strides and slow me down. High-knee intervals have helped but also wearing Balance Tights helps to me engage my glutes and my core. They are designed to support the lower back, waist and legs and are made with compression technology to speed up post-recovery too.

And finally, my pedometer, or speed watch as I like to call it, has been vital. I invested in a polar watch which has a stride sensor that you attach to your foot. It gives you the most accurate information available on your route and also guarantees that you are working out at the pace.

What are your running essentials?


2 thoughts on “Running Essentials

  1. hcook13

    Hi, where do you get the balance tights from? Are they the same as compression tights? Can you recommend a brand?
    My Shock Absorber sports bra is by far the best I’ve ever owned, supports rather than flattens and doesn’t constrict my breathing like others have!
    I also love my Icebreaker baselayers, merino wool, so warm but breathable.
    Good luck with all your training and the Marathon – I’m running it too!

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