Pushing my performance

runningI can now run comfortably for two hours without any aches and pains, and I know that if I’m surrounded by people in a marathon situation I could up this time with ease. But I want to take my training to the next level so I can complete my marathon in a certain timeframe.

I am lazy when it comes to threshold training, fartlek runs and hill workouts because I get into a steady flow when I train but I need to push myself harder so I’m going to attempt tempo training this weekend to boost my fitness, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

Tempo training is similar to a threshold run as you run to the point when your breathing becomes ragged, your muscles contract and your legs feel like rubber – this sounds awful! Training at this intensity will increase my threshold and enable me to run faster without any ill effects.

Before doing any tempo running it is crucial to warm up and this is where my regular pace will come in handy for 45 minutes. And I’ll need to mix up my tempo with a recovery run once every 5 minutes. But if I can do at least 20 minutes of tempo training this weekend I’ll be satisfied, and sweaty!

If you have any advice on boosting your fitness please do share it with me here. I’d love to know how you stay motivated during these high intensity training sessions. Is it best to join a running club for this type of training?!


3 thoughts on “Pushing my performance

  1. wandering jouster

    hi, carli. are you familiar with the galloway method? this is what i strictly employed when i did my first marathon. i stuck to 3:1 (3 minutes of running: 1 minute of walking). it was very very helpful in making a strong finish.

  2. jimgreenwood2012

    joining a running club certainly helps – it provides you with encouragement and sound advice…I think you should take a look at your local clubs, most (I know ours does) will let you come and run with them for a few sessions, see if you like them, you maybe surprised what you see, clubs aren’t all elitist and you’ll probably find like minded people there too ! Enjoy your tempo run 🙂

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