Race Day Tips

The other day l received a lovely email from a friend of mine with some really useful tips for the London Marathon. He has been running marathons for a good few years so he’s picked up a few tricks from experience. I thought I’d share them as they are very useful for runners, and they could really make a difference.

The marathon tips that could change your race:

Before the race…

• Make sure you have the right shoes; it’s a great idea to go to a proper running shop and getting something 100% right for your style. You need to train in them before a marathon for a minimum of 3-4 weeks

• Get something that tells you how far and fast you’re running. A Garmin or Polar watch will help you know that you’re running to the right heart-rate

On the day…

• Don’t go off really quick at the start line with all the pre-marathon adrenaline

• Try and find some people who is running at your pace and sit behind them, let them tug you along for as far as possible, it’ll keep you motivated

• Keep running – don’t be encouraged to walk with people all round you walkingnjmk

• Try and get a gel belt, and carry 5-6 of the gels with you on race day. They really help when your legs are getting tired as they provide you with extra energy! But test them out when you are training so you know if your body can handle them – you don’t want to get ‘gingerbread man bellies’ on the day

• Make sure you get a drink of water at every station, it’ll help you to stay hydrated

  • Get through the wall!!!!

One thought on “Race Day Tips

  1. Seeph

    Good advice. Especially the going off too fast! I always used to do this, you get so caught up in it all and feel like everyone in front of you is holding you back, then blow a gasket trying to overtake them all. Get a pace and stick to it. Garmin / Polar watch will definitely help but not always necessary if you just keep your eye on the mile markers. My advice would be (especially on the proper long runs) is to almost feel like you’re holding back for the first couple of miles. A well paced race with a strong finish is better than a strong start then crawling over the line in pieces. Nice blog!

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