Foot Work

sdfThe first rule of marathon running is wear the right trainers. This is vital as running can cause serious damage to your knees and legs which can all be prevented with the correct footwear. Trainers that cushion your feet and help you land correctly when running.

If you want to get into serious running you can’t just pick a pair of trainers so the shelf. You need to visit a running shop and have your feet tested so you know how you run.

Earlier this year I visited ‘Up and Running’ to have my trainers checked and my feet tested. The test is simple you run bare foot across the ground and then on a treadmill in a series of different trainers so the staff can analysis how you run.

This will show how your feet move while you run. For instance: I am a neutral runner so my feet land in line with my ankles when I run. But you could overpronate or underpronate when you run…

Overpronation is when the foot rolls in excessively, or at a time when it should not. This can destabilise your foot and may mean that you over compensate with your leg movements which can effect your knee and hip.

Underpronation is when the outer side of your heel hits the ground at an increased angle and this could result in shock through your lower leg.

A trainer analysis takes all of about 10 minutes and it can prevent you from suffering with sprained ankles or damaged ligaments. Yes, you may need proper trainers as a result of this, and yes they may cost slightly more (approx. £100) but they will last you a long time. Trust me if you’re about to embark on a 26 mile run decent trainers are worth every penny.


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