FFO_005My diet has changed dramatically since I started training for the London Marathon.  I am now hungry all of the time and  I am allowing myself to eat a lot of things that I know are bad for me. On the one hand I’m training hard and running an awful lot but I need to stop indulging in chips, chocolate and sweets. The London Marathon is not an excuse for greed!

So, I’ve been looking into ways that I can make good additions to my meals. I’ve discovered that asparagus, fennel and cucumber all have natural digestion properties that can benefit your body. (Surprise, surprise greens are good for you.)

Asparagus is a well known diuretic and it’s great for supporting those with digestive problems. It does this by encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Think Yakult in vegetable form.

Cucumber, my favourite of them all, it’s a natural diuretic and it increases urination which in turn flushes toxins out of your body. Cucumbers are rich in sulphur and silicon which helps stimulate your kidneys and remove unwanted acid that can be found in your blood.

Raw fennel will stimulate bile production in your body which is great for breaking down fats. In India people often chew fennel seeds after a meal as it has an active ingredient that soothes your stomach muscles.

The reason why I’ve highlighted these particular vegetables is because they can be added to any meal and give the little health boosts that your body may need. So, fennel can chase every meal to aid digestion and chips can stay on the menu when served with asparagus. Ok, ok, I’ll go cold turkey on the chips!


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