Clean Food


Have you heard of ‘clean dieting’? No, I hadn’t either. A friend of mine told me about it this weekend. It’s a diet that involves cutting out processed food – that means chips – and eating only fresh, healthy food.

The main rule of this diet: if it doesn’t come from the earth, walk, swim or fly it is not on the menu. In an ideal world no-one would eat processed food, sugary snacks and drink alcoholic drinks. But we live in a world with fast food on every corner and busy lives, so is clean eating something we could maintain?!

Don’t get me wrong there are obvious benefits to this diet: weight loss, consistent blood sugar levels and fewer cravings. The lack of sugar could also improve complexion, sleep and digestion. But this is a very strict diet, making it difficult to stick to. It means cutting out carbs and diary completely which isn’t a great idea for serious runners. I don’t think I could do this diet on a permanent basis and fad diets are a waste of time, so it’s not for me. Instead I recommend cooking your own meals as much as possible and keeping them simple, eating as much fruit and vegetable as you can, and listening to your body’s needs.

Are you tempted to try the clean diet?


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