Come rain or snow

My London Marathon training is now in full swing, but I would just like to complain about the weather that we are experiencing in the UK. Please do join in with my rant if the weather is taking its toll on your training programme too… or feel free to give me the motivational push I need to shut up and get on with it!

The heavy snow fall that we appear to have every day at the moment is really affecting my training programme. I am still heading out and increasing my mileage each week but running in the freezing cold is not ideal. I start my run too fast in an attempt to get warm and then feel exhausted when I reach the seven mile mark. I was hoping that by now I’d be able to train in the clothing that I want to wear on marathon day but in this weather there is no chance of that. How am I supposed to prepare for a 26 mile run in this weather?!

Ok, I’ll stop ranting about the weather now because I am beginning to sound very British. But I’d love to hear how you maintain motivation in bad weather conditions.


2 thoughts on “Come rain or snow

  1. hcook13

    I had the worst run last weekend in the rain, wet feet equals extra blisters and cold wind all the way home, but I did feel very proud of myself after. I’m following a cross training programme and so can still do useful sessions when it’s snowing eg sprints on the treadmill, cycling or swimming. These still improve strength and stamina. I’ve found energy gels really helpful for preventing exhaustion, and good to practice with them before race day. Only a month to go. And it has to get warmer soon?!

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