Virgin London Marathon: 11 Commandments

I thought that this was great so I wanted to share it with you…

Virgin London Marathon
d11 Commandments

1. If you are concerned about your health before the race, go to your GP.
2. Do not swap your race number with a friend – the team need to know who to contact in an emergency.
3. Do not run on race day if you feel unwell in any way.
4. Adapt your goals to the temperature and humidity of race day. If it’s hot or humid go slower.
5. Practice drinking on your long training runs – hydration is a fine balance. Don’t start the race dehydrated, but also don’t over do it by over-hydrating.
6. Drink according to your thirst – don’t drink too many sports drinks or too much water during the race.
7. Don’t gulp large volumes of fluid after the race – if you need to rehydrate do it slowly.
8. Do not take anti-inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen before or during the race. If you need painkillers take paracetamol instead. Anti-inflammatory tablets can affect your kidney functions, especially during exercise.
9. Do not wear new shoes on the day of the race. Make sure you have done at least 50 miles in the shoes before the race and at least one long run of 15 miles.
10. Train in your fancy dress in similar conditions and cover a similar distance.
11. Write your name and emergency contact details on the back of your race card, and if you have any specific medical conditions pop them down too.


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