Fitness, there’s an app for that…

Most people can’t help running with their mobile phones. I know I need mine with me at all times, just in case… hey, the finish line could move during the marathon and this is information I need to know.

I discovered this weekend, when my watch stopped working, that a Smartphone can become your very own fitness centre when you’re out running. If you download the right apps it can become a trainer, nutritionist and entertainment station. I now swear by the Nike+ app when I am heading out for a run, mix this with a decent iTunes playlist and you’re well away!

Here are a few fantastic apps that can help with exercise and nutrition:


As mentioned the Nike+ app is a nifty application that tracks your GPs and your running pace. This app uses GPS to track your movement outdoors but it can be used on a treadmill too. It will also boost running morale has it gives you the option to add music to listen to while you run.


Runkeeper also helps with tracking the location of your run, but this app goes one stage further as it tells you how to improve your running distance and allows your friends to send you encouraging messages while you run.


This has to be one of the most popular apps for calorie control. It’s a straightforward simple calorie counter that helps track food intake daily, setting caloric goals and factoring in exercise to give an accurate readout of how your diet shapes up every day. What more could you ask for?!

Google Now

Google Now is a simple tracker that counts up your daily movements, so if you walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift you’ll notice the difference. Think of it as Google’s version of a pedometer.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is an app that takes accurate pulse measurements by utilizing a smartphone’s camera to measure color changes in the tip of a pointer finger. It uses the iPhone’s camera to detect the pulse from your fingertip – leveraging similar technique as used in pulse oximeters. All you have to do is place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds a pulse will be shown. It beats buying an expensive heart rate monitor.


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