Healthy Eating Swaps

It’s time for me to step away from Marathon training for a moment and consider the new healthy lifestyle thatHealthy-Eating2 I am planning post-marathon. I won’t be able to keep my current carb-fuelled diet going as I won’t be running as much each week, so it’ll be important that I make a few little changes to my diet.

It’s all the little treats that I’m enjoying at the moment that will result in extra inches if I continue to indulge post marathon. I can’t stick to a strict diet as I’m not disciplined enough for this, so for me it’ll be all about making clever food swaps that will really make a difference.

And this is how I’ll do it…

The morning stop at Costa for a delicious Latte (374 Calories) will be switched for a cup of green tea when I get into work, or a Pret Tropical Green Tea (5 Calories) on the way in – I’m trying to save a few pennies too!

I love cereal, any cereal, and for convenience I often have a bowl of Quaker Oats (216 Calories) which is surprisingly high in calories for a 30g sachet. The new me will be enjoying a delicious bowl of Weetabix (142 Calories) – and I’ll try not to add honey everyday.

The 11am snack can stay it’s only a banana… but my 2pm trip to the vending machine will have to end. I can replace my chocolate cravings with a Go Ahead Cereal Bar 35g (117 Calories) or a bag of salted popcorn (200 Calories).

The pasta that I’ve become accustom to due to the training won’t disappear completely as I will still keep running after the London Marathon but I will be introducing a few more salads to my lunchbox. My salads will be homemade, again to save some money (approx. 60 Calories).

Since I started training for the Marathon alcohol has disappeared from my diet, and I’ve really noticed the benefits of not drinking: a bright complexion, healthier hair and nails and never suffering from a hangover after a night out. I will have a drink or two again after the marathon but I want to choose wisely so I can try to maintain some of the benefits… so it’ll be a vodka and slim-line mixer (120 Calories) for me!


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