London Marathon: Carb-Loading

sdcMarathon runners it’s time to start pilling up on your carbohydrate intake ahead of the London Marathon, next week!

This is an important part of the training process as your body can only store enough energy to sustain 90 minutes of exercise, on average. Therefore it is crucial that you build up your carbohydrate intake three to four days before the race so you have the maximum level of energy to keep going after the 90 minute wall.

Energy gels are a great way to top up on sugar while you are running but by adding more carbs to your diet you are building up an extra energy layer for your body.

Three to fours days prior to the London Marathon will give your body enough time to store the extra energy. So it’s time to switch 60% of your daily intake to carbohydrates. It’s best to achieve this by eating little and often rather than big meals, and fast food isn’t the best option, you want carbs that will really make a difference.

The best foods are: wholegrain breads, porridge, spaghetti and brown rice. Ok, so not the most interesting carbohydrates but you can enjoy them with high protein foods and little treats.

It may surprise you to discover that dried fruit is also full of carbs so indulge in raisins, dried cranberries or apricots next week too. There are also specific energy bars that you can purchase from sports stores, in my opinion these normally taste a little gross; I prefer to stick to dried fruit or peanut butter on toast. Yum!

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water at this stage too.


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