Pre-Marathon Recovery: Three tips to running recovery

hjFoam rollers

If you can’t afford a sports massage a foam roller could be just what you need. It’s a piece of equipment that reduces muscle tightness and stiffness. You simply roll it over your body using your body weight. The compression and pressure to the muscles helps to increase your blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues, which reduces stiff joints and therefore helps to reduce your chance of injury.

Eating right

A long, hard run uses up energy so you need to take in more carbohydrates to stay fuelled during your race. If you run on low carbs your race will suffer and your stress levels will increase making it easier for you to develop an injury.

Hot and cold baths

This is great for recovery and prevention. Ice baths taken for just ten minutes after a run can help to ease you muscles and reduce tissue inflammation, but if you can’t face a cold bath try a cold shower.

Hot baths are perfect a few days after a race as they reduce stiff joints but don’t indulge in a hot bath on the day of your race as it can dehydrate you and increase your body’s inflammatory response.


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