Virgin London Marathon 2013

photoI did it. I completed the London Marathon in 4.37 – I was hoping for 4.30 but I couldn’t move any faster.

It was such an amazing event to be part of and the crowds really kept me going, especially around the final five miles when I had hit at emotional and physical wall. I was fine until I reached the 18 mile point and then I started to really feel the pressure on my knees, so I attempted to change my pace which caused me to pull a muscle in my back. It’s definitely an endurance test, as I really had to force myself to continue running after hurting my back – I just kept telling myself that it would all be over soon and it would hurt more to walk. I can proudly say that I ran the whole thing and kept a very steady pace (10 minute miles) until I reached the 20 mile mark and at this point to was just determination that got me through. But it was all worth it in the end when I received my medal (and approx. 50 messages from friends and family to tell me how well I’d done – thanks everyone!).

I am really happy that I was fortunate enough to take part and raise money for the British Heart Foundation, who by the way were fantastic. They were there to cheer me on at various points around the course and they also sent me text messages with their support before and after the event – which really made a difference.

Now that the pain has left my legs I am beginning to think about my next challenge – I’m mad! I am tempted to go to classes or get involved in a team sport so I have an extra layer of support but I do love running so maybe I should just keep going and plan my next marathon. I think I’d like to do the New York marathon – are there any marathons that you’d recommend? Or if you’re really into team sport what would you suggest?


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