Running Bucket List

yhSince completing the London Marathon I’ve been devising a bucket list full of all the races that I’d like to take part in.

I have now missed the deadline for many of the races that I’ve listed below but this won’t stop me from applying for the next round. Don’t get me wrong there is only so much stress that I’m willing to put my body under in one year, so the list below is a lifetime bucket list and not something that I’m looking to complete in the next year.  Let me know if you think that there are any races that I should add to it.

Here’s my list:

  •  The Great North Run – Newcastle’s half marathon
  • 10K Race For Life – I’d like to make up for the one that I missed out on a few years ago
  • Elmore 7 – Seven miles sounds bliss at the moment but I’m informed that they are seven treacherous miles!
  • The Brighton Marathon – who wouldn’t want to do ‘London by the sea?’
  • The New York Marathon – this would be a great opportunity to run through all of the New   York boroughs in one day
  • The BerlinMarathon – a good excuse for a holiday
  • Regent’s park summer 10k – it’s a series of six races which forms a fantastic training schedule
  • The Oxon 20 – 20 miles was my breaking point at London so this could be the perfect race for me
  • A local 5K run – as I’d like to smash my current PB
  • Any triathlon – I would love to do one and I have no preference on the location of it, I’d just love to be able to achieve this level if fitness.

If you are taking inspiration from my list do add the London marathon – it’s a must!


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