Running Events: Give them a go

sdfI love taking part in races. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, you
can’t deny the feeling of achievement that you get from completing a race. I
love everything about a race: the pre-race build up, preparing all my gels and
my sportswear and pinning on my race number before heading to the start line.
But the best part has to be the atmosphere on the day.

I only started to take part in running events two years ago when I signed up
for a local Race for Life. I had the obvious fears that I would struggle on the
day but when you’re there you realise that it doesn’t matter as everyone is
just there to have a good time and do their bit for charity. And those that
want to be competitive can be, with each other.

If you’re still not signed up for any running events this year I urge you to do
so. You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself, just sign up for a 5k
or even a sponsored walk to get you started. By signing up you’ll be more
motivated and excited to start training.

Go on give it a go…. I started with a 5k and I recently completed the London
Marathon – this could be you in two years’ time.


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