Why run?


With one Marathon completed I’ve started to ask myself… what’s important to me about the races and running
that I do?

For some it’s all about fundraising to earn a significant amount for a charity
that’s close to them. I enjoy raising vital funds for charity but I also find
it very stressful trying to reach my target so I don’t think that this can be
my main motivation. And I could think of better ways to raise money for charity
(like hosting a charity ball).

Others enter events to constantly beat their PB. I do have a competitive streak
but I think running would take over my life if I was always trying to beat my
previous achievement. My knees and hips would also be ruined if I attempted to
do this.

So, for me running is about enjoyment. I love long distance running as it’s a
stress reliever and provides me with much needed me time. I enter races so I don’t have a chance to lose my

Why do you run? What’s important about it for you?


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