Running facts

fvghjIt’s time we had some fun and learnt a few interesting but surprising running facts together…

I’ve searched the web for new research and facts about running. The facts below won’t change the way you run or have any impact on your training schedules but sometimes it’s good to be a geek. Or you can at least show me up by letting me know if you knew all of this already – impressive!

The first discovery is that Vitamin C is good for you – surprise, surprise! It can really help runners who are marathon training when it comes to avoiding colds, according to research from The Cochrane Library. This is crucial when you’re trying to stick to a solid programme as a cold can really knock you back.

If you constantly suffer from ankle pains when you run then look no further, a recent study has revealed that having Botox injections in your feet can prevent this painful condition.

And, now it’s time to test your knowledge: did you know that when you run your heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet? This is a gross but true fact that really shows just how much impact running has on your body. But no matter how fast you run you’ll never be as fast as your pet cat or rabbit.  Sorry, runners these domestic animals just have more power in their muscles than humans, but don’t worry as a species we’re a lot faster than elephants, squirrels and pigs!

Do you have any interesting running related facts that you’d like to share with me?


One thought on “Running facts

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