Gym Bug

gdewGyms are great if you don’t like to exercise in public and you enjoy variety in your training programmes, as you often get the use of the pool and classes as well as the treadmill. But gyms aren’t always the best place for your health.

Research shows that gyms can be a breeding ground for germs. The amount of sweat in the atmosphere and on the equipment means that it’s easier to catch other people’s germs. What’s more, one fifth of people will still go to the gym when they are feeling ill or have a cold, which is a good effort but also slightly inconsiderate when it comes to the health of others.

This is why it is vital that you always swipe down a machine after using it and wash your gym equipment in between workouts. I was shocked to discover that almost one third of gym goers don’t even wear deodorant – clearly the smell of other people can affect your workout, even if their germs don’t get to you.

In my opinion there is a certain gym etiquette that everyone should follow…

  • Wear deodorant!
  • Brush your teeth before you go – yes even if you go first thing in the morning
  • Wipe down all of the equipment that you use
  • Shower after your workout, either at home or at the gym if that’s an option
  • And, don’t head to the gym if you’re ill – it’s not good for you or the other people that are using the gym. Trust me you’ll recover a lot quicker if you let your body recover.

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