Musical Motivation

It doesn’t matter what you’re training for listening to music can help you to go harder, faster and feel great. Musicdjd can help to distract you from the effort and pain that you are putting your body under and help to boost your performance by 15%.

There isn’t one type of music that is better for you then another as it really depends on what you enjoy listening too, as long as it gets you in the right frame of mind and helps you to keep going. The best thing about listening to music is that it helps your brain to trigger emotional connections so if you have a track that really helps you to focus or increase your pace it can help to push you harder, particular during a race day.

The best thing to do is to create your perfect playlist and just update it every season so you don’t get bored of it. You should plan at least one hour of music so it doesn’t run out when you’re halfway through and use music that is really upbeat so it keeps you going at a steady pace without affecting you run. There is no harm in adding your favourite slow tracks towards the end of the playlist so you can begin your cool down both physically and mentally. If you don’t have time to spend making an elaborate motivational running playlist you can buy a running album from iTunes or ask a friend if you can just copy their list – just avoid tracks that vary dramatically in beat as you don’t want to be sprinting one minute and then slowly jogging to the music the next minute.

What are your favourite running tracks? Let me know if you disagree with me and find it really difficult to work out to music.


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