Training: Fitness Splits


This may sound strange but working out twice in one day could work wonders for you. The idea isn’t too workout twice as hard in one day but to split your workouts in two so you work just as hard during each session. It’ll allow you to train at a higher intensity and cause your metabolism to spike twice in one day. It’s a simple change to your workout pattern that could really make a difference.

Don’t make your workout too long – break a 40 minute workout into two 20 minute sessions. You’ll be able to focus on training at the correct intensity without getting bored.

The key to a spilt fitness session is to leave a fairly long rest period in between each workout. Ideally, you want to aim for a morning session when you wake up and another in the later afternoon or evening so you have enough time to refuel and recover.

Make sure that you do rest in between though. Your muscles need adequate time to recover to deal with the increased frequency of training, so make sure you plan a rest day the day after a split session. If you do find this too tough then reduce the intensity of one of your workouts or take an extra day off. And vary the activities that you’re doing too. This will help to reduce the stress on your muscles and help keep you interested. For instance do go for a power walk in the morning and then come home in the evening and do press ups or strength training.

What do you think? Could you fit split fitness sessions into your busy lifestyle?

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