Running: Keep it healthy

bnmElites runners all have a very slender body shape so is this what all runners should aspire too? Many of us take up running to change our body shape, as our running performance increases other elements in running becomes noticeable and some of us may start to associate our weight with our training programs.  But should this be the one element that pushes us to keep running?!

Personally, I have never felt healthier. I run on a regular basis and consider what I eat as I want to make sure that I am providing my body with the best fuel to perform but I’m not going to try to become an elite runner (or achieve their body shape) as I don’t have the money or time to follow their strict diet and exercise plans. I’ll never think that it’s healthy to starve your body and run to excess.

Running is a great way to stay in shape and I’d recommend it to anyone as you can adapt it to suit your needs whatever that may be, but running should always be carried out alongside a sensible eating programme that’ll aid you muscle development. Make sure that you take in the right amount of nutrients to help your body recover after every run and to help you keep going during your longer training sessions. Regular running will help anyone lose weight but you want to aim to maintain a healthy weight and not get into a troublesome underweight problem.

Do you follow a healthy eating and training program?


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