Fitness: Trail Running


City running can get boring at times with the same old streets, shops and pavements. Research shows that running in the great outdoors amongst nature can boost your mood, so maybe it’s time to ditch the city map for something a bit more scenic.

You can find a local park, river or canal for a leisurely run, or you could jump in the car and head further afield. Whatever you opt for just try to avoid man-made trails and run on grass trails. This could also benefit your knees as trail running has less impact on landing which will be a relief for your knees, ankles and hips.

Want the top tips for trail runs? Here’s my list of ten great UK locations:

  1. London – Richmond Park
  2. Manchester – Heaton Park
  3. Birmingham – Sutton Park
  4. Brighton – The South Downs
  5. Sheffield –The Peak District
  6. Glasgow – Mugdock Country Park
  7. Edinburgh – Holyrod Park
  8. Buckinghamshire – Stowe Gardens
  9. Cumbria  – Coniston
  10.  Berkshire – Virginia Water Lake

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